Keep Alive The Burning Fire !

It’s our independence day today and the best thing we can do to resurrect the condition of our country is to inspire ourselves and all other people around us. For inspiration is one thing, that can make anything possible!

Music indeed has that power, to add new zeal to our souls, to propel us to do what we want to, to follow our dreams and make them true. Presenting to you all, an inspirational song on the occasion of our independence day.

This song is the English version of the title track of Marathi Movie “Dhyaas”. A superb composition by Swapnil Digde and sung brilliantly by Asha Tripathi! I had heard this song before, but this time it feels so more effective with this superb video 🙂

It’s time to look at our idols, and decide to be like them. It’s time we need to decide what we really want, take a step forward toward it!

Watch it and share if you like it!

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