Kadal Music Review

Music Director – A R Rahman

Nowhere near VTV.

We all have been waiting long for the Kadal music release and finally it’s out! Right since Rahman performed “Nenjukulle” in the first episode of MTv Unplugged 2nd season, the expectations kept on going high and high each day. With Elay Keechan‘s release, I too expected it to reach VTV level, but no, the overall album is nowhere near VTV.

Elay Keechan – A R Rahman
This is one of the best tracks of this album! Starting with a cheerful loud shout of Rahman, followed by peppy guitar leads, the song reminds me of Bombay and Roja days of Rahman. The humming in chorus is brilliant and keeps playing in loop in background throughout the song! Rahman has sung this track with all his heart and it will definitely bring happiness on anyone’s face! I am sure you won’t be able to control tapping your feet, humming the song, and if not really, at least dancing in your mind! 😀

Moongil Thottam – Abhay Jodhpurkar, Harini
Very soothing… You may not like or get addicted to the track at first, but try listening to it while lying on open terrace with wide sky in front. I really appreciate the efforts of Abhay and Harini have put in singing, and this becomes most important when the instrumentation of the song consists of only strings and guitar strumming. The keyboard solo that comes for a little time, makes impact on mind. Give this track some time dear people, you will fall in love with this track too. This is totally soothing track. But too much harmony in voice I guess…

Nenjukulle – Shakthisree Gopalan
This is THE BEST track of the album! Wow, what a smooth voice. We have heard this track in MTv Unplugged and that was real unplugged version. In the album version, some beats and flute have followed Shakthisree‘s voice. I am somewhat unhappy about the beats added. May be that’s because I am too used to listen to unplugged version! But I personally feel that beats steal the freedom of the voice a bit. Anyway, it remains the best track! Kudos to Rahman! Brilliant!

Chithirai Nela – Vijay Yesudas
This track is somewhat different. It starts with crying sound of a child, followed by Yesudas‘ voice with no specific rhythm, and later on two different types of rhythms with different tempos merge in. Please read the meaning of the song here. I am sure you will at least enjoy the lyrics and the meaning, if not the track. Not on playlist yet.

Adiye – Sid Sriram, Maria Roe Vincent
The first thing which will come to your mind when you listen to this track is “Aaromale” from VTV. A male voice singing freely, going up and down, you will not know at first what to expect from this track. But if you are used to or like to know such vakda-tikda tracks, then surely this is enjoyable track! Powerful, and dark, bass plays an important role. The vocals are brilliant. But finally, it doesn’t give me as much pleasure as Aaromale.

Anbil Vaasale – Haricharan and Chennai Chorale
No. not Anbil Avan! Haha. And not of Anbil Avan type too. Haricharan‘s voice sounds brilliant but Chennai Chorale stays one step ahead. Full of dark violin and strings, loved the tune! Listen to it for Chennai Chorale. Only Rahman can compose something like this. And yes, don’t miss the chord flow changes in the later part of the song! The tempo slows down at the end…. Slowwwww…. Slowwwwwwwwwwwwww

Magudi Magudi – Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam
The only track of the album with some electronic mixes. I still don’t know if I love this track or not! Probably not. Listen and decide yourself. But I love the Magudi repeatation… magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi magudi!

You will surely remember VTV while listening to some tracks, but that’s inevitable. Although the music is fresh, and very much defines rahman, it doesn’t reach the expected level. I will go with 3/5 stars for Kadal.

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