Kill Dil – Music Review

I am back here with Kill Dil Music Review! “Energetic but far from expectations” is all I can say if I have to describe this album’s music in minimum words.

The producers and promotion team of the film very well know this too and that’s why they bring to us only good songs through trailers, those too in descending order of “How much people would like it”.

Top songs in album:
1. Kill Dil Title Track
2. Sweeta
3. Baawra

Ever since the first trailer of the film was released, we all really haven’t been able to keep the whistle and yodeling in Kill Dil title track out of our heads! Right? Sonu’s refreshing voice pleases ears after many many days and how powerful his yodeling sounds as compared to Shankar Mahadevan’s! If it was not Sonu, the song would probably have sounded a little incomplete!

And here comes a sweet breeze! “Sweeta” is as refreshing as any milky sweet! Lovely to listen to Adnan after almost an eon! Super words by Gulzar sahab. But sigh… it ends too soon. The song is only 2 minutes long! Why??? The desert should have lasted longer I wish…

Baawra” brings out the freedom Shankar Mahadevan seeks to sing with. Great combination of Komal and Shuddha Swars, with meaningful lyrics, the song very well touches the strings in heart and make them oscillate. The song has a thick dark edge which can make you all gloomy. Shankar Mahadevan rocks it with Saragams in between. Super song!

Additional tip for those who want to understand difference between Shuddha and Komal Swars:
Listen to the saragams Shankar sings carefully. At one point he sings “Re ga” and then again “Re Ga” but both sound different, the first one sounds like it is filled with melancholy and second one sounds like an angel giving new life to that gloomy one. Well, the first ga is Komal and second Ga is Shuddha.

Arijit and Nihira Joshi pair up in the song “Sajde“. After brilliant start of the song and soothing guitar loop following it, the song slightly disappoints as the tune sounds a bit mediocre. Arijit has sung this song with total control and I wish Nihira had a larger part in the song.

I won’t bother to write anything about song “Happy Budday” as it didn’t impress me much. It could be of visual delight, haven’t watched the video yet.

Nothing special in “Bol Beliya” too. However when it started, it reminded me of “Puchho jara puchho mujhe kya hua hai” from Raja Hindustani! #JustSaying

There are so many things happening in song “Nakhriley” but the song is not interesting enough.

And yes, every song starts with a man reciting a few meaningful lines. It doesn’t add any value to the songs anyway.

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