Bedtime Stories: A Timeless Madonna Record

After 25 years, Madonna’s “Bedtime Stories” saw another wave of success as it hits the iTunes chart for the United States.

Many people might have questioned why this happened, but Madonna’s support and passion are overwhelming. A lot of them used “#JusticeForBedtimeStories” as their primary plan to push the pop-star’s album.

But cases like this aren’t a new thing as Mariah Carey received the same treatment from her fans last 2008. “#JusticeForEMC2” trended that year, and helped Carey’s album to skyrocket and reach the peak of charts.

As of now, Madonna is enjoying her 60s, but it is undeniable the impact she has made and how many lives she has touched.

But “Bedtime Stories” isn’t well-received when it dropped 25 years ago; in fact, only one single has managed to enter the top 10 of the chart. But regardless, Madonna’s sixth studio album still delivers good music, something that we should expect from a pop royalty.

The album opens up with “Survival.” It sounds instead of the same with some songs of the time, but Madonna was able to pull it off with finesse, making the track a lot more enjoyable to listen to.

The next track, “Secret,” is the one that we are talking about, which is the only one to reach the top 10 of the charts. While it may sound dragging at first, the track is still cohesive, lasting for 5 minutes, more or less. But its widespread fame allowed to dominate radio stations at that time but isn’t enough to help the album’s reputation.

“I’d Rather be Your Lover” hits different, considering the time it was produced. With its funky vibe and catchy tunes, the third track is one testament that “Bedtime Stories” can stand on its own.

Madonna’s “Don’t Stop” isn’t comparable to some of her most significant works, but the way it delivers would undoubtedly make anyone sway. But it is enough to showcase Madonna’s capabilities as an entertainer. With its upbeat tempo and uplifting lyrics, “Don’t Stop” is a must-listen for anyone who wants to get started listening to Madonna.

“Inside Me,” on the other hand, uses “Back & Forth” as a sample. The snippet of Aaliyah’s song is a great treat to anyone who longs for music from the 1990s.

The sixth entry, “Human Nature,” features a sensual instrument that is perfect for any laidback moments. But despite the brilliance that it can bring, Madonna was still able to deliver some good lyrics that tell a story.

Madonna’s “Forbidden Love” starts eerily, and yet progresses into something much better, something that Madonna can craft. Sadly, it didn’t have its release a single as the track is a material perfect for such an intention. Indeed, one of “Bedtime Stories” timeless classic.

With a dreamy tone, “Love Tries to Welcome Me” encapsulates Madonna’s ability to create music out of her character. The luscious hint of synthesizers is carried over to maximize the track’s ability to invoke emotions.

“Sanctuary,” the ninth track is an evolution. From “Material Girl,” Madonna was always thought by many as an artist who’s willing to put out hits after hits. But, “Sanctuary” is different, and that makes it a particular track of the album.

“Bedtime Story” isn’t as strong as some of her songs in this album, but it still stands firmly, up to this day. The repetitive lyrics perfectly match the instrumental, and from a production stand-point, every element that has been introduced are fully utilized to make the track stand out.

Lastly, we have “Take a Bow.” It’s one of those tracks that you shouldn’t miss as it is tied with the album itself. It perfectly shows Madonna’s ability to cope and be flexible.

The 11 track album, “Bedtime Stories,” might have been overlooked by many for all those years, but in reality, it is a treasure chest filled with timeless content that would forever define Madonna as an artist.

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