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Shawn Mendes: An Acoustic-Pop Sensation

Shawn Mendes is now for crafting hit tracks that leaves a total mark to his audiences. Perhaps, if you ever listened to one of his songs, you might get stuck in your head because of his pop infusion.

He blew up with his song “Stitches” in 2015, which talks about a toxic relationship between the one he admires and her present lover. It was catchy and fun to listen, yet when you look further into the lyrics, you’ll be surprised how such a sad and regretful story is wrapped up with that tune.

We see him stride far from his traditional works when he released “In My Blood” in 2018. His acoustic brilliance showed off without hesitation in his song about hopelessness and acceptance. Although he talks about the plans of giving up, Shawn still manages to end the song with an honest tone, perhaps fighting his inner demons.

It wasn’t long until he collaborates with pop-dance star sensation Camila Cabello. The duo beforehand worked together on the track named “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 2015, yet their latest one sets of another tone.

The song opens up with Camila, saying, “I love it when you call me señorita.” Right off the bat, listeners are greeted with innocence, which would then be taken away right after the song progresses.

Shawn begins his line, recounting his experience with his “Señorita.” From there, the track switched in terms of tone and blew into an undeniably addicting pop song troupe. The Latin inspired music fused with modern instrumentation works well with their voice, harmonizing to accomplish a catchy tune.

The different layer of instrumentation on the track is its driving mechanic, which is improved by the ever-present acoustic guitar. It has enough elements to be distinguished, yet also enough to be discrete and unique on its terms.

Camila’s unique voice is something to watch out. She further proves her prominence with her past releases and her forthcoming projects. On the other hand, Shawn boasts a high pitch voice that blends well with what Camila has to offer. Together, they have created something fun, exciting, and memorable.

Camilla takes over the song’s second verse with her thirsty yet regretful lyrics. From then on, you’ll get hooked by the song’s concept, words, and beat. With its enticing facade, “Señorita” was able to perform well on charts, and for months to come, it became a hot and trendy topic on different social media platforms.

Shawn Mendes carved a name on the international music scene with his creative lyricism and brilliant use of pop elements, which most artists lack.

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