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Rupam Islam and Fossils – Part 1

I really love being with people who have an altogether different taste in music than me. My office colleague with whom I travel daily, to and fro to office, is one of such kind. He has lived in various cities in past and he himself has been with variety of such people who have too different tastes.

One day while we drove to office, he was telling me… while he was in Kolkata for almost six to seven months, he came across the bengali music and the music which Kolkata loves. Unfortunately this music has been shackled in Bengal itself, limited to the state and we, the outside people don’t even have a tinge of knowledge about how talented these musicians are. The Bengali people are mad behind this man called Rupam Islam.

Born in 1974, Rupam Islam formed his own Bengali Rock band named “Fossils” in 1998, and launched their first album “Tor Bhorshate” in the same year itself. Although there were many other Bengali rock bands present at that time in Bengal but Fossils proved themselves to be unique and they can be considered as a pioneer of the Bengali Rock Music!

The album Tor Bhorshate was such a hit, that it was re-releaased as Neel Rong Chhilo Bhishon Priyo in 2003 and, on popular demand, was again re-released in CD format by SaReGaMa ten years after first hitting the market.

Although rupam Islam is known for his Rock music, he was trained in Indian Classical Music in his childhood. Such is the power of classical music, that it can act as a base for any other genre of music!

As this is introductory post, I would not like to recommend you specific stuff to listen to, but I would like you to listen to some of the songs I have shared here so that you get the taste of him, and his music! I went on listening to his various songs from variety of his albums, from which I am sharing a few songs.

One post is really not enough to explore the man “Rupam Islam” ! Listen and let me know if you like him!

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