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Sanjay Leela Bhansali as Music Director

I had never thought Sanjay Leela Bhansali would become a music director, composing melodies for his own films (at least for now) and even if the idea felt a bit alien, I had never thought he would be as good as he has become as a composer.

The first movie Bhansali composed music for is Guzaarish. Although the song “Udi” become a huge hit, it’s not the same song that bolstered Bhansali was going to be a very good composer, but another song caught my attention… It is a silent one.. Sung by Shakar Mahadevan. It was used as a background track in the film.

धुंदली धुंदली शाम हुई

अब तो वापस आ जाओ

के इस समय तो परिंदे भी

लौट आते है …. |

Listen to the track first if you haven’t yet. Also, if you have. 😀

Those days I remained gloomy most of the time, only inner me knew that and why. And such songs made me more glum. Sorrows are like wounds. Even if they are painful, scratching them gives you a different kind of pleasure. Such songs gave me this kind of pleasure. Unfortunately, they still do, but the pain feels a little less now. May be I am used to it now.

The key of Bhansali’s success as Music Director lies in his ability to compose giving full justice to the lyrics, feel and mood of the song. He is not too eager to show his composing skills. He is there, relaxed, understanding how a particular song should be composed, and then  he does it how it should be done.

He has done the same for “Ramleela” and 3 of this film’s songs have secured a special place in my heart. Two of them are too energetic and one is … no words for that song.. Laal Ishq. वाह, क्या बात है… अरिजीत सिंह और संजय लीला भंसाली. ये लाल इश्क , ये मलाल इश्क, ये ऐब इश्क, ये बैर इश्क… This song will remain one of my favourites of Arijit. The song is composed in a subtle mixture of Raag Bihag and Raag Kalyaan. I did some experimentation too with this song.. adding some Kalyan saragams to it. Listen to it here on my SoundCloud.

Another is “नगाड़े संग ढोल बाजे‘. The key factor to note here is how Shreya changes the treble in her voice line to line. Quite amazing!!!

And “धतड ततड” is anyway a fantastic song.

See how all these songs are different and yet fantastic. That’s where Bhansali has succeeded.

Expecting a lot more variety from him in coming years!

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