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Blink: Mujuice: More than just a Wake Up Song!

Mujuice is formally known as Roma Litvinov. He is a native of Moscow and is a well-known DJ, electronic musician and producer. Long before getting a degree at Higher Academic School of Graphic Design, he already had dreams of a career in music by creating piano melodies in his youth.

Litvinov completed a solo album in 2004, giving it the title Superqueer. The record was pure and basic electronica, so much so that critics associated his music to that of minimalistic electro found in Europe. That could be considered a compliment for a teenager who has no formal training in music. Later on, he was able to practice his profession and work on his music at the same time. Eight years ago, Mujuice joined forces with DZA and together they came up with two studio albums.

Mujuice as a producer has been putting great effort in breaking from the electronic mold. This is evident in the way he puts many musical styles together, like jazz or symphony and mixing in some microsampling and glitches. For now, let us look into one of his greatest tracks from his Teal Day album released in 2008.

The intro of his song Blink is somehow reminiscent of Telepopmusik’s “Just Breathe” and Frou Frou’s “Breathe In”, cool with some little scratching sounds like that of a vinyl record, and later on you will be surprised by the progression as the pace goes quicker. The sounds increase in number as the song continues. A girl’s voice comes and goes to give some surprising magic to the aural delight.

In addition, the bass line and some drops keep your mood up and you later realize that Mujuice can create music comparable to the two artists I just mentioned. Blink is a great music to wake up to, also a good warm-up song for your early morning jog, music to listen to in your car on your way to work (that moment before the morning rush). It’s as cool as the morning dew but it gets warmer as the song continues. This track only proves that Mujuice has indeed reached the top of the class in Russian electronica.

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