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Rahul Deshpande – carrying forward the “Natya-Sangeet”

For a person like me, who was more inclined towards bollywood and western music for the most of his life and who had never taken much interest in marathi “Natya-Sangeet” (Musical Plays), Rahul Deshpande was just another name in the list of classical singers. I used to see him on television as a judge in “Sa re ga ma pa” singing contest, but I never took interest in his singing.

After I started working in software industry and got shifted to pune, one day I saw an advrt in paper about a musical play “Sangeet Sanshay Kallol” (संगीत संशय कल्लोळ ). Rahul Deshpande was playing the lead role in the play. I had never been to musical play before, so I asked two of my colleagues and we went for it. That day changed my life for the best ! I literally started thinking of Rahul Deshpande as my god, my phone’s lock screen and wallpaper displayed Rahul’s images!

Tha magic of Rahul’s voice had started captivating my soul. There onwards I never missed any of his musical plays. I even watched his “Sangeet Saubhadra” (संगीत सौभद्र) three times in a row !

For those who are not very well acquainted with the name Rahul Deshpande, I would like to tell them, Rahul has been doing tremendous work in re-establishing the magic of “नाट्य संगीत” , and rejuvenate it, give it a new life! He has created newer version of four old plays till now i.e. “संगीत सौभद्र, संगीत मानापमान, संगीत संशय कल्लोळ, कट्यार काळजात घुसली”. From these four, my most favourite is “कट्यार काळजात घुसली”. I have seen that play 4 times! In addition to this, Rahul arranges a 3 – day program “Vasantotsav” (वसंतोत्सव) in memory of his grand-father Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande. The Vasantotsav is truly a versatile concert featuring from pure classical music to its fusion with the western music, and folk music too. Every year it’s a different treat!

Rahul has already performed in the greatest classical concert in India “सवाई गंधर्व भीमसेन महोत्सव” and Rahul’s ideology is one should follow all the gharanas and not a single gharana.

For me, Rahul is the person who made me explore the great world of marathi natya-sangeet. I really can’t thank him enough for this. Last year in Vasantotsav, I requested the volunteers of the concert through twitter to give me at least one chance to meet Rahul Deshpande, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a chance. 🙁

For those who haven’t listened to Rahul much, I have got two of his beautiful songs for you. One is “पापण्या मागून ओल्या”  and other one is live recording of him singing “Raag Nat-bhairav”. Listen and enjoy ! Rahul, if you’re reading this, please give me a chance to meet you and touch your feet once! 🙂

Papanya Maagun Olya :

राग नट-भैरव – करिये गुणकि चर्चा : (Live Recording)

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