April 9, 2013

Cherry Blossom Ending – Busker Busker

Now if you have seen any Korean love stories, you know how sweet and cute they are. The songs too… ! (Remember “Pehli nazar me” was […]
April 7, 2013

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man

Another song I came across on VH1 and this one is right now at no. 2 spot in billboard charts! I am glad that this song […]
April 7, 2013

Moves Like Jagger! – Maroon 5

Listening to VH1 in the morning, sipping cup of tea, just tracking all the beautiful pop rock songs on TrackID – seems like a perfect morning […]
November 22, 2012

Penn Masala (Heartless + Kabhi Kabhi Aditi)

Penn Masala (Heartless + Kabhi Kabhi Aditi) Few weeks ago, one of my friends (@KoLaaVeRi ) sent me some songs and told me to listen to […]
August 30, 2012

Track – Rockstar – Nickelback

I am not sure if everyone is fan of this song or even rock music. This song, which is just somewhere in between Alternative rock and […]
August 25, 2012


Few months ago, I didn’t even know that this is a separate genre (in fact, that trance is even a genre!). For me, trance was only […]