Counting Stars by OneRepublic

OneRepublic’s Counting Stars is both a folk and a pop song that was written and produced by the band’s vocalist, Ryan Tedder. As of the moment, it is placed at the number 3 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has been in the chart for 28 weeks and 3rd place is the highest it has attained. It is one of their most successful songs alongside Apologize. In 20 countries around the world, it was able to reach the top ten.
The song begins with Ryan Tedder singing smooth, fluid vocals with guitar strums. It progresses into an upbeat track after the lead singer has caught your attention. Rhymes and beats are everywhere. In some ways, it sounds like a club or house music disguised as a rock song. This song could become a collaboration like Zedd and Tedder’s output, Lost at Sea. Going back, Counting Stars has not reached the third spot for no reason. It is involving and catchy, so much so that some listeners use this as a wake up song or a piece of music that makes you get up and go.

The lyrics speak so much of the poetic songwriter. There is no question as to how Ryan Tedder won a songwriting contest sponsored by MTV. It talks about choosing to count stars rather than dollars; the singer would much rather count his blessings than the money he is making. In much simpler terms, he is not focused on financial or commercial success, but by attaining happiness. This rings true considering the status of OneRepublic as a band.
They did not get to the level that ultra-famous rock stars have achieved; they did not even resort to getting involved in scandals just to get attention. But, the thing is, Counting Stars just brought them back to the top. Tedder and his band mates did express clearly that they are not after radio play; which make the band and the situation as ironic as its lyrics where the vocalist says, everything that kills me makes me feel alive, everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly.
Tedder and Co may be laughing at themselves now. Just when you think you’re only playing music to express yourself, you’re counting stars and suddenly you’re flying towards them again!

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