The Monster by Eminem with Rihanna

This week’s number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is The Monster from Eminem featuring Rihanna. The track has been on the charts for 9 weeks, and it has been in the number one spot for four. The Monster reunites the two artists for the third time, after Numb and Love the Way You Lie. Numb is a song by Rihanna, and the latter was by Eminem. This time around, it’s Eminem with Rihanna as the featured artist.

It begins with a hook by Rihanna about a monster and hearing voices in her head and there seems to be nothing can stop them. In between the short riffs are the lyrics of the rapper extraordinaire. The story tells about Eminem’s rise to fame, how he wanted it so bad at first, and then realizing the price he has to pay to have come this far.
In the first verse, the singer wanted the fame without the attention but reality stepped in. You cannot be famous and not be poisoned by it. Somewhere along the way, he lost himself and became someone else. He developed his very own monster, an alter ego that was built by his popularity. The second verse describes the agony that comes with popularity and the fear that he has for what he had become. The third part talks about the possibility and hope of inspiring someone into fighting with an alter ego, or simply resisting temptation to be a Mr. Hyde. There is still hope, even when one has intrapersonal conflicts, and one should never quit the fight.
More than just another rap song with a catchy beat, Eminem once again shows off his lyrical genius by giving depth and intelligence to the track. Add in the voice of Rihanna that seems to blend well with the rapper’s music, and they have another hit between them. More of their records have been smashed by this song, Rihanna’s 13th number 1, and Eminem’s 5th. These artists seem to have a musical chemistry that usually guarantees a number one hit.
Eminem never ceases to surprise the listening public and critics because the only time they appreciate his incredible talent is when they read each word from his verses. For this level of poetry, he deserves respect.