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Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia: A Closer Look to the Past and Present Pop Music

Dua Lipa has all the fame she ever wanted, yet when you think about it, she did all of these by just dropping singles and being featured in several songs. With this in mind, it is easy to say that she’ll do something along with her past projects. But Lipa instead took the driver seat and made an impressive stride with her “Future Nostalgia” album.

The 11-track album is well enough to deliver what Lipa offers, yet still leaving some space for future improvements. Most of her tracks are heavily reliant on instrumentation, emphasizing the brilliant use of bass and analog synthesizers, which are both the culprit why she makes her listeners dance.

We know that she’s more than just a “pop-star,” which she showcased here, in most of her works, transforming them into something fuller and unique. “Hallucinate” diverts her listeners into an alternate reality where music sounds ethereal. It’s enough to feed her fans who’s longing for a synth-infused pop-track while also acting as a callback to the older pop scene.

“Levitating” feels refreshing and more like a calm embrace, in contrast to what’s more coming. Physical, on the other hand, tells an effortless story that would surely retain into someone’s mind.

In “Cool,” we see her honest approach in music, a calm and enjoyable track, to be exact. “Love Again” forwards the album’s theme with a different concept, which she does again in “Good in Bed,” a track or more like a story, a closer look at her sensual past. “Don’t Start Now” was able to encapsulate her ability to make a hit or a “banger” while keeping real to its theme and ultimately tying up to the project.

“Boys Will Be Boys” is where Lipa does more than she can. Here, she talked about male violence, a hot topic that she has chosen to bring up in her second studio album. While the compilation may pass without this, “Boys Will Be Boys” is still an important piece that is better kept as a present statement.

With a fair share of pop tracks you can dance on, Lipa delivered a substantial project that lives up with her debut. It’s more than enough to drift away from her fans’ and critics’ expectations, and she did it with all of her capabilities as a modern pop icon.

It’s safe to say that Dua Lipa poured everything she can on this latest project. The execution and brilliant collaboration with producers allowed her to visualize everything she has in mind.

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