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What’s Hazy about Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines?

The first thing that I’ve heard about Robin Thicke’s new single ‘Blurred Lines’ is how it objectifies women, how it makes light of sexual violence and all that jazz. It’s probably because of the video that showed three nearly naked supermodels. Or it could be the lyrics like:

Nothing like your last guy

He don’t smack that ass

And pull your hair like that

I’m not going to defend the lyrics. It is more than just racy – a lot of people have said that already. Even Robin Thicke himself mentioned this off-color theme of his song in an interview and explained how they came up with it.

But the tune is just so catchy; it’s difficult to press ‘Stop’. Admit it, a lot of you thought that as well.

Apparently, when Thicke and Pharell William were making this song (which was finished in just an hour, by the way), they were hoping that it would sound something like Got to Give it Up’ by the genius that is Marvin Gaye.

They were quite successful with that, if it were really their intention. It has the groove and the swagger of ‘Got to Give it Up’ but it’s not the exact replica. And it’s just amazing to hear Thicke’s range and that clean falsetto. He can hit just as high as Marvin Gaye but his low notes sounds just as amazing.

T.I.’s rapping was spot-on. I’m not a big fan of rap in general, but I thought this was one of those songs that incorporated that genre quite well. Pharell Williams has always been great for me but this, by far, is his best. And Robin Thicke, well, what can I say? The guy’s freaking talented.

As of the moment, Blurred Lines is on top of music charts in various countries such as the US, UK, Australia… just name the country and the single’s a sure favorite there.

I guess it all comes down to how the song really affects you. There may be a lot of women who hate this right now although my female friends don’t really mind. Me, personally, I like it. It’s by far one of the best R&B sounds ever made in the past decade.

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