Talaash – Music Review

Music Director – Ram Sampath.
The dark and solid voice of Sona Mohapatra fills the environment with amazing feel of helplessness as “Jiya Lage Na” starts and we are left astonished as this song takes twists and turns with the double paced rhythm. Whoaa! Last night I listened to this song for the first time and I just can’t stop playing it in loop over and over again!

From composing numerous jingles, to albums, to films, Ram Sampath has been on an amazing journey and I admire him for his versatility. The first song of the album “Talaash“, “Jiya Lage Na” starts very slowly and gets filled with amazing rhythm just after initial four lines. It takes pause at the end of each line leaving behind some traces of Tabla strokes and suddenly starts again! Loved loved this song.The male singer Ravindra Upadhyay‘s voice sounds very similar to Sukhwinder Singh and I am craving to listen to it in Sukhwinder‘s voice too. He might have been the best choice.

Hona Hai Kya” sounds like a mistery song sung by Ram Sampath himself. The electronic ‘wah-wah‘ and ‘flanger‘ effect to the rhythmic bass persists throughout the song. The antaraa of the song doesn’t take forward the song to much higher anticipated level and exactly here it fails a little. The instrumentation is good enough taking into consideration the mood of the song but the “heho, heho” chorus between the two antaraas is a turn off. Ram‘s voice needed to be much smoother here while it sounds rough. Not on my playlist.

Laakh Duniya Kahe” is a very sweet and peaceful song. Emotional one. We have seen Ram composing such types of songs for “Satyamev jayate” and you will definitely remember “Meri Chiraiyya” song from the first episode of Satyamev Jayate while Ram sings the line “Koi manjil koi Rahgujar ho“. But why is Ram’s voice sounding rough at some places? Anyway, that’s not an issue. Based on simple keyboard chords and minimum drums with hints of guitar in between, this is a top class song. The harmony in chorus adds the depth required.

Muskaanein Jhooti Hai” sounds like a bollywood jazz kinda song with the operatic voices complimenting it. The singer Suman Shridhar has sung this one very freely and I would love to hear more from her. The most amazing part of this song is the bass guitar. It’s the rock solid part of the instrumentation of the song giving it the main tune, and also following the singer everywhere. Those not having good headphones probably won’t be able to enjoy this song. Bass suno Bass!

Jee Le Zaraa” is the tune driven song where more than rhythm, the use of strings and keyboard to fill the void matters the most and it has been done perfectly in this song. Vishal Dadlani was the perfect choice for this song for his ability to sing in husky voice mixed perfectly with smoother one with utmost ease. The tune is amazingly hummable and the simple signature theme of song played with keyboard gets stuck in the sub-conscious. Great song. Take your guitar out and start strumming this one!

Jee Le Zaraa Remix” – this is a superb remix! As the original song has low tempo, it would have not sounded great if Ram had increased the tempo of the song for remix. And just because of this, Ram has intelligently lowered the tempo of the song and mixed double tempo rhythm in it! And that’s why the original feel of the song not only succeeds in retaining itself there, it excels! Electronic mixes of keyboards are pleasure to listen to. At places, the fast rhythm vanishes with leaving behind only guitar with Vishal‘s voice and starts again. We have seen this technique of Ram earlier and it works like a charm! Full marks!

Overall Talaash is another brilliant work by Ram Sampath and I go with 3.5 / 5 stars for this discography.

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