I had been hearing a lot of buzz about some song in Raaz 3, that it’s really good. So finally decided to listen to all of its tracks. And off course, I am not writing this review just by listening to the songs just once… I am done with many loops of all of them.

Being big fan of Raaz’s music [Nadeem – Shravan, I miss you! 🙁 ], and not much disappointed by its sequel, I had expected a lot from Raaz-3 tracks. And it’s obvious that I am very disappointed.

There are 3 types of music in this world according to me. First, which we don’t like, and can’t listen to. Second, which we can listen to, we may like when played, but we don’t play it ourselves. Third, which we truly like, the tracks which make us play them on loop. Raaz-3 goes into 2nd category for sure except one or two tracks, but it doesn’t deserve final category.

Rating 2/5

The music director is Jeet Ganguly. I am his fan only for his Bengali song “Khujechi toke raat beraake“. I haven’t explored his Bengali music much though. You can read more about him here. He was working with Pritam initially.

I will start with the tracks which I liked the most.

1) Zindagi Se – Catchy rhythm. The tune is repetitive throughout the song but there’s only a little chance you will get bored by it. I liked the music arrangement, just enough for the track. Jeet has successfully refrained himself in filling the track with too many instruments. Singer is Shafqat Amanat Ali. Wrong Choice. In my opinion, Zubeen Garg would have suited the best!

2) Rafta Rafta – Good light use of acoustic. Nice. KK is best choice for this song. Full marks to Jeet. The strings are used very well in the background. But what I love the most about this track is the tune in “antaraa”s. Super super. Feels like it goes from major to minor, back to major. In the whole Raaz -3 album, this song has the best tune. My most favourite part in the track… when KK sings, “Mere kadam chalna chaahe ruke bhi… Lab bhi kuchh keh na chaahe, lekin gum hai sab baate, gumsum si bhi hai jubaan…”. Same part in second antaraa.

3) Deewana kar raha hai – Sung by my most favourite singer Javed Ali. This is typical category 2 song. You can listen to it, but won’t play it yourself. For the first 3 times I played it, I wasn’t impressed. But now I can listen to it just for the mukhada of the song. But overall, Jeet has failed to utilize Javed Ali properly that’s what I can say. Listen to it once and then decide.

4) Ohh my love – failed electronic start and end. Sung by Shreya and Sonu. This track didn’t impress me. Irritating. Not even category 2.

5) Kya Raaz hai – Bullshit. Shreya, next time someone requests you to sing track like this, please REJECT the request!!!

6) Khayalon me – Again, same as ‘ohh my god’. I won’t dare to play it often.Common thing in all the tracks is, all are orchestra songs. Can be arranged perfectly on orchestra. Minimal use of electronic beats and mixes.

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