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Piyush Mishra – The multitalented personality.

I was not really knowing about how multi-talented this person is before last year’s coke studio episode. In Hitesh Sonik‘s episode, Piyush Mishra sang the Husna song… and there! There I knew this man is way too brilliant. He doesn’t sing with this throat, he sings with his heart. Whatever words he speaks, he sings, he pours his heart out into it!

I did a quick wikipedia on this man, and I was so astonished to see his achievements. I nearly slapped myself for not knowing this man before. You can read about him here.

Piyush Mishra, a NSD graduate, did a lot of theater before coming into films. After graduating from NSD, he formed his theater group “Act one” with Manoj Bajpai, Ashish Vidyarthi, and Gajraj Rao. You will be shocked to know that he was even considered for the role of “Suraj” in Maine Pyar Kiya which eventually Salman played, but he did not make an effort towards it. Later he got into films, but Piyush Mishra’s career path was very well crafted by god, he knew afterwards.

No doubt he is an great actor, but along with that, he is a great singer, great composer, great lyricist and what not ! I don’t think any of the singers I know other than Piyush Mishra can sing the Husna song as beautifully as he sings. No. Never. You will know how great singer he is once you hear the song, but let me tell you how brilliant and way too conventionally different composer he is. His songs nearly chop the hearth into pieces…such are the emotions filled compositions he has been able to draw. He has composed music for Gulal from which my most favourite song is “Aisi Sazaa” sung by Shilpa Rao. He has also composed two songs in “Gangs of Vaseypur” out of which one is too brilliant … Ek bagal me chand hoga, ek bagal me rotiyaa. He writes his own songs!

I will write another post about his greatness because I think this much is sufficient for an introduction to the great Piyush Mishra.


Aisi Sazaa (Gulaal):

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