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Music Director: THE Amit Trivedi ( _/\_ )
Sridevi is back! Trailers are looking great and I am really looking forward to this film. But before that, let’s take a look at the songs. After all, it’s Amit Trivedi boss! The genius. I call him future AR.

1. Badala Nazara – Female (Shilpa Rao, Amit Trivedi  )
What a combination! Whenever it’s Shilpa singing Amit’s composition, the song has to be great! (Remember Dhol yara dhol, Paayaliya from Dev D? 🙂 ) The song is fresh, pleasant and energetic. It describes how one can feel happiness in the new busy life, when you are happy about what you are doing. I loved the lyrics… the words are repeated in the song by replacing the first word by ‘v’ just like in the movie name, and they sound just too good together… coffee voffee sugar vugar paper vaper news vews 🙂

Absolutely brilliant track. Amit Trivedi has filled this track with guitar, strings, mandolin, violin and the peppy beats. It starts slowly with violin and guitar, with those rhyming words. And then comes the rendering of Shilpa’s beautiful soft voice with the beats taking pace. Just after initial 4 lines, bass comes into picture and pours life into the track. This is essentially important to understand how Amit Trivedi has kept the song in low pitch and made it cheerful with the help of bass. Master mind! The excitement reaches the peak when we listen to Amit singing…. Aflaatooon….. Hai junoon…. Morning noon……. Super.

2. Badala Nazara – Male – ( Amit Trivedi  )
By looking at the title of song, I was curious to know whether Amit had chosen higher octave or the lower octave to sing the song. And at the same time, was not sure if it will sound good in lower octave. But it indeed did. Not only it sounded good, it sounded awesome and that too with the extra “HHAAA” at the end of each line. Made it more alive. And I must admit, I am addicted to male version of this song more than female version!

3. Navrai Mazhi(Sunidhi Chauhan, Swanand Kirkire)
When the lyricist is Swanand, you must expect at least one song in the album with Marathi lines. But he does it perfectly! (Remember Nana chi Tang from Khatta Meetha?). More of a fun song this is. I liked it. It has more of a tune of typical Marathi traditional song. Sunidhi sounds beautiful. I prefer to listen to Sunidhi in lower pitch than her typical high pitch songs. Swanand has sung well too. Instrumentation consists of Dhol too! Listening to this with the video makes it more fun.

4. Dhak Dhuk(Amit Trivedi)
Expressing Female emotions through Male voice. I don’t know how it works, but surely, it makes more impact than female voice, especially when the song is little bit on the sadder side! (Remember O Saiyyan from Agneepath? 🙂 ). The lyrical part plays a major role in these types of songs and Amit Trivedi has given full justice to this fact by the way he has pronounced each and every word in the song, and by making us feel it’s very meaning. The song expresses the restlessness (Dhak dhuk) in the female mind, when she is leaving her family and going abroad. Instrumentation is just perfect… not less..not more. This is a silent song taking us into a different world if you listen to the keyboard patterns in the background (Reminds me of Sunari Sakhi from Humse hai Muqabla, beautiful keyboard!). Dreamy. I am not sure if Amit has really used Santoor here.

5. Gustakh Dil(Shilpa Rao)
Helplessness and anger together. She knows her heart makes wrong decisions, doesn’t get along with the brain very well. And hence she is angry at it. But at the same time, she is helpless as she doesn’t have any control over it. Great job by Shilpa as she successfully expresses both the above emotions and most importantly, switches between them without us knowing about it. And I really appreciate the way Amit Trivedi has made use of the instruments. The song starts with bass notes of ContraBass violin (also known as double bass). This instrument plays throughout the song in the background, and adds the intensity to the song. Loved the electric guitar and electronic beats. Amit has been excelling in the use of bass. Fabulous!

6. Manhattan(Clinton Cerejo)
Some songs are made for background purpose. This song belongs to this category. I am sure this will go along with the video in the movie very well. But nothing to be getting addicted to.

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