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You must have read this word in your history books long back. Try to remember about the war Surya Sen had waged against the British rule in Chittagong (Chitgaon).

SEL again, after so many days! Which was their last movie? DON 2? I don’t know if you know about the controversy going on for past few months about release of Chittagong, but that’s not important here. We are getting to listen to some amazing stuff in this album. Almost after 10 months, SEL is back with a bang! These songs are a real slow poison. You may or may not like them at first, but if you listen to them a few times more, they are dangerously addictive!

I really feel bad when people know songs of films having big stars more than the real gems. Are we lacking good listeners among ourselves or have we become so lazy not to take any more efforts to explore good songs? Time to introspect. If we have an opinion about any small thing happening around us, we should also have a strong opinion about what kind of music you like. Wake up! And don’t be so ignorant about good work! πŸ™‚

The album consists of total 8 tracks, 4 songs and 4 instrumentals (more of BG scores). I will be writing only about the four songs here.

1. Bolo na
Semi classical rendition. Very peaceful song and aptly written by Prasoon Joshi. Shankar totally nails it. The song tells us to make the mind free and speak out. I specifically loved the instrumentation of this song. It starts with beautiful surs of Sarod and electronic Tanpuraa in background. The instruments fade out when Shankar starts singing and then join him again slowly as the song progresses. The rhythm is based mainly on the bass notes and if you have good headsets, then please don’t miss it. The best thing is how SEL has blended electric guitar in between and still it suits the song. (This thing reminds me of phir le aaya dil, ohh yes, please go find electric guitar in that song!). And Tabla gives it a feel of thairaav.
I really can’t write about this song well, happens with me when the song is extremely good! πŸ˜›

2. Bechain Sapney
Abhijeet Sawant? Yeah there he is! I always loved his voice but was not sure if he can be regular playback singer. But now I am pretty sure of it. Impressed boss! Abhijeet has really sung this one beautifully, travelling through higher and lower notes with ease. It has a folk song kinda rhythm. Soothing. Whenever I listen to it, I keep it humming for hours. I just love the lines “yeh dil kuchh bole, jaan kuchh bole, jaau mai kahaan…..”.

3. Ishaan
Powerful! The war has started. Whenever you feel low or need some inspiration, listen to this song! Whatta song mama. It reminds me of the SEL composition in film LakshyaKandho se milte hai kandhe“. But SEL has given this song the 1930s touch. This is a total winner! The word “Ishaan” in this song refers to the North-East direction and hence Chittagong which is currently located in Bangladesh. Great chorus. Awesome Sitaar. Don’t forget to listen to a small piece of flute at the end of song and tell me which SEL song it reminds you of! πŸ™‚

4. Jeeney Ki Wajah
This also falls in the category of “Ishaan“. Creates great picture of the war in front of eyes. But this is not inspirational. Neither it is addictive. In my earlier review of English Vinglish, I had told you about the songs which are best suited in the background. They are meant to compliment videos. I would love to hear it in movie, but this is not on my playlist.

Other than these, following is the list of instrumentals in the album. And they ARE on my playlist! Finally, I am huge fan of BG score.
5. The battle
6. Chittagong
7. Masterda
8. Inspiration

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