Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana – Music Review

Music Director – Amit Trivedi
Wow. Another album here by Amit Trivedi. This is a real breeze of freshness. Master work. Thanks to my twitter buddies, I became aware about this album and the great songs in it!

1. KikliKalerdi (Punjabi version)
    Singers – Amit Trivedi, Pinky Maidasani
Right from the start of the song, you know that it’s a total fun song! There are two versions of this song, Punjabi and Hindi. I like the Punjabi version more. It starts with the female voice singing Punjabi lyrics (sung by Pinky) and then Amit Trivedi takes charge of the song. Day by day we are getting to listen to Amit Trivedi more, and he sounds just so fresh! Just love his voice!

The song has typical dhol, tasha rhythm and its intelligently mixed with a pop song feel with Amit himself singing the pop part of the song! He is just fantastic. Can play this pop part of the song itself in loop many times. I am in love with this song. The instrumentation of the song is just perfect and I can’t praise Amit more. The lyrics too are very well written taking into consideration the mood of the song. 10/10.

2. KikliKalerdi
    Singers – Amit Trivedi, Pinky Maidasani, Yo Yo Honey Singh
Hindi version of the song with the initial Punjabi lines unchanged. But the pop part of the song is sung by the master of the genre…. Yo Yo Honey Singh! This is the real treat for YO YO fans! I am his big fan since I heard his ” Angrezi beat de ” from International Villager and he is amazing in this song too.. especially when he says… ” koshish nahi mai karta, ladki pat jati hai khudm khud, thoda sa style hai baby, baki skill hai, touchwood… touchwood…….“. This song sometimes reminds me of “Ullu da Pathha” from Tere bin laden.

3. Motorwada
    Singers – Amit Trivedi, Tochi Raina
Fultoooo relaxing and foot tapping song. I toh start shaking my head whenever I listen to this. And this is my most favourite track of this album <3. The whole song tells you about the relaxed life of a young rich boy (referred to as Motorwada). The bass voice of Amit Trivedi at the start of the song and then the falsetto voice in high pitch is really amazing.. just perfect to set the mood of the song. The instrumentation consists of electronic mixes more… and whom do I remember here? Sneha Khanwalkar. Yes, the freeness factor in composition of the song is very similar. The lyrics of the song are too funny and the tune is very catchy and hummable. Highlight of the song- Amit Trivedi’s part. Tops my playlist currently.

4. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana
    Singers – Shahid Mallya, Harshdeep Khurana
The title track of the song. It has the typical dholak rhythm and right from the start of the song we know that this is a typical Punjabi wedding song with all the ladies in the house sitting together. Nicely sung by harshdeep, her voice sounds mature and deep. My only disappointment is sometimes Shahid’s voice sounds like an old Punjabi woman’s voice, just not manly enough. I don’t know why, but whenever I hear his voice… it creates the picture of senior lady of Punjabi house singing with dholak in her hand! Funny! But overall this is a nice song. On shuffle mode, I can listen to this song, but this is not on my playlist yet.

5. Luni Hasi (Female version)
    Singer – Harshdeep kaur
Electronic Keyboard start and then the pop style electric guitar. The electric guitar is used quite differently together and the electronic chorus that fades out is the thing I just love. Harshdeep, Harshdeep, aap toh kamaal ho jee ! This singer has got great future. This song reminds me of Dev D songs… freshness delivered through ears. Each small part of this song is different and I just get lost exploring the minutes.

6. Makkhan Malai
    Singers – Dilbahar
This is a typical ganapati dance song! Hahah! Just play this and start dancing. Might sound like southern film’s song/ or a 90’s movie song. Sometimes I enjoy listening to this, but not always.

7. Faarukha Baadi
    Singers – Labh Janjua, Amit Trivedi and chorus
Labh Janjua after so many days! Remember his “ Saaddi gali bhul ke bhi aaya karo “? This is a bhangra song with a lot of Punjabi “ hoye hoye ” chorus. The instrumentation consists of many Punjabi instruments. But not a great song. No not that great.

8. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Theme
The instrumental version of the song with guitar played tune. Lovely theme. Use of flute is super and the humming chorus is perfect. Amit Trivedi is master in making theme songs! Remember Udaan theme???

9. Luni hasi (Male version)
    Singer – Devender Singh
Male version of the song. I like this version too, but female version is really outstanding. But wait, who is this singer? Can you recollect where have you heard this name? He was the youngest Indian idol contestant this year and was in top 3 too. Nice entry to playback singing bro!

Overall the album is just outstanding! Rating – 4.5 / 5

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