When Katy Perry Roars !

Roar is Katy Perry’s latest single. It talks about getting over a failed relationship and being able to get back up after the fall. It was composed by the artist with the help of Cirkut, Bonnie McKee, Max Martin, and Dr. Luke. The music is a mixture of different rock styles and some synthesizer work.

The lyrics are not so deep or poetic; anyone can understand it, but mixed with the catchy beat, Perry has another hit in her hands. . There is a certain sincerity, strength and determination that can be felt in the song, which might be the reason Roar can stay in your head for a long time. It seems that she (and her co-writers) has found the winning formula. Even if some critics tend to put the song down, the fans and the masses love it.

The music video was made in typical Katy Perry fashion, pun intended. Quite colorful, lively and humorous. It is not easy to ignore the fact that the girl looks good. The video starts with a plane crashing in the middle of the jungle. Katy is accompanied by a random guy who seems to be more involved with himself. There must be some connection with her real life exes. The guy is eaten by a tiger and Katy is left alone and had to survive on her own. In the end, she confronts the tiger and defeats it. In between scenes, Perry makes some funny moves including a part where she gives the elephant a pedicure. It did not take long for her to become the queen of the jungle. The allusions to real life are not difficult to figure out: the selfish guy, the plane crash, the jungle, the confrontation, and the domination.

Over a hundred and ten million views on YouTube says it all. Roar has eaten the record of her previous number one hits Firework and California Gurls. The song is one of the fastest to hit number one. The critics just can’t put Katy Perry down. Roar seems to be targeted on her detractors as well. Beware, Katy will overpower you.

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