Music Review – Boss

Music Review of filmBoss

Music composer – Meet Bros Anjjan / Chiratan Bhatt / P.A. Deepak / Yo yo honey Singh

The title track “Boss”, except its ok ok signature tune which we can hum at times, is totally average song. Even Yo Yo Honey Singh‘s rap couldn’t save this track from being listenable… ! The lyrics are average too with no special meaning.. just depicting the greatness of boss… Title track should have been better.

Another disaster lined up in the row! The track Hum na tode is the remake of the super duper hit Tamil songApdi pode. Why ? Why do hindi movies always take an southern track aur uski vaat laga dete hai ??? We saw it happening with the remake of the song aa ante too. A total turn off.

The track Pitah se hai naam tera again sounds like a translated track.. sung by Sonu Nigam.. very boring to listen to. The mood of the track is emotional, but it’s total fail.

Party All Night – the track sounds like music composer has not even cared to make this track sound better. Absolute disappointment from yo yo honey singh.

Next track is the remix.Har Kisi Ko … sung by Nikhil D’souza is the remix of the old bollywood track har kisi ko nahi milta, yaha pyaar jindagi me… Not a bad remix, neither a good one. Another boring track from this discography. I have no hopes from the remaining two tracks.

Boss Remix – Bhai jab original hi itna disappointing tha, remix sunane me koi point hai kya?

Har Kisi Ko – Remix – ohh wait… I liked this one. finally Arijit Singh and Neeti Mohan have made sound at least one track of this film pleasant to listen to. This track is a nice nice remix of the remix!

Conclusion: Only one track you should listen from Boss discography, “Har Kisi Ko – Remix” by Arijit and Neeti Mohan.

I give 1/5 stars to Boss’ Music.

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