Lady Gaga: “Applause”

Applause is Lady Gaga’s latest hit song. It was written and produced by her and DJ White Shadow. The music is a throwback to the artist’s first album, The Fame. It is a mixture of electronic, dance, and pop music. The song begins with synthesizers combine with a beat that together sound like an 80’s dance song. Even the vocals remind you of synth-based new wave from the same era. In fact, many critics say that Lady Gaga sounds like Annie Lennox and David Bowie in this song. But, that is only the beginning, though, as the music progresses quickly to the dance music that we know today.

It is evident from the song that Lady Gaga can still come up with unique and interesting music that can get everyone dancing to the beat. The uniqueness, which is the trademark of the singer by the way, could be her secret charm. This time she has gone in yet another unusual direction and that is artsy. It actually worked because the result is music that is different yet adheres to the artist’s true genre.

The lyrics talk about Lady Gaga’s addiction to the applause that she gets from her fans. She expresses her desire to be in the spotlight, to perform in front of a crowd, and to hear them clapping. In essence, she tells her fans that she needs them. Their approval is all she lives for, and her honesty shines through. Applause is obviously dedicated to her followers and she definitely makes them feel important.

The music video is typical Lady Gaga: edgy yet fashionable, provocative and interesting. This time, she followed the same theme from the lyrics by going more artistic. The video is like a montage of some popular works of art; this is actually the theme for the album that this track is part of, ArtPop. If the words and music were not enough to impress you, the music video will. A viewer can see the effort that the director and the artist took, and once again, Lady Gaga gave her song another dimension. You will like the song more when you see the video.

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