Kai Po Che Music Review

Kai Po Che and THE Amit Trivedi ( _/\_ )
How? How can a music composer come up with outstanding music ALWAYS? I mean, isn’t there any limit to consistency? Better not. Another breeze of fresh music from THE AMIT TRIVEDI. Man, how do you do it? Trivedi sahab, you have not created any stereotype yet, that’s what,your Salute! This man doesn’t even give us time to come out of the hangover of his previous film’s music. So practically, there is no day in the year when we are not addicted to Amit Trivedi’s music.

Manja – Amit Trivedi
Excellent song this. Great theme music for the film. The Violin + Saarangi combination is magical. Saarangi touches the heart right in the start of the song and violin binds the emotions with the pace. When I listened to the song for the first time, I was little disappointed with the first antaraa, but now I don’t understand why I felt so. Just love the song. Amit’s voice is as great as always and I am happy we are getting to listen to it more and more.

Meethi Boliyaan – Mili Nair, Amit Trivedi
Magical song. My most favourite from this album. I love it more than Manza. For the excellent bass mixed with light keyboard (listen to it behind the female voice “Mere dil sambhal de chal de ladkhadaaye…“). Those little things, pour so much life into the song. Mili Nair’s voice sounds just perfect but this Amit steals her thunder in so few lines. The little pause after “Udaa aaa yeee iinnn” and then “Aey Jindagi…. humme sohbaton ka nashaa hai“. Yaar, enough praise, I will shut up now. LISTEN to it.

Shubhaarambh – Shruti Pathak, Divya Kumar Divya Kumar… ohh I have heard this name. Right. “Aafaton ke parinde” from Ishaqzaade. Remember? Starts with Gujarati lines, this song I tell you, is garba song (why? Arre it is 6/8 Rhythm boss! Perfect garba song). Although not as addictive as above two songs, you will like this song, it is more of BGM, listen to it in movie and tell me if you don’t love it. Shehnai… after many days 🙂

Well, although I was expecting this album to comprise of more no. of songs, Quality > Quantity, right? Outstanding album, and I can’t wait to listen to the BGM tracks in the film. I rate it 4.5/5. Amit Trivedi, take a bow!

In case you are not aware of how great Amit Trivedi is, take a look at his filmography list , And that’s why I call him Junior Rahman.

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