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Kaafiron Ki Namaaz – Music Review

Kaafiron Ki Namaaz – Advait Nemlekar
Kaafiron Ki Namaaz is an independent feature – length film in Hindi, made by young independent filmmakers based in Mumbai. Music has been given by fresh talent Advait Nemlekar. Few days back first song promo “Zhalkiyaan Reprise” was released, sung by one of my favourites, Harshdeep Kaur along with Vikas Ambhore. Since then, I was desperately waiting for the music release, and finally the day has come. Listen to “Zhalkiyaan Reprise” below:

Zhalkiyaan Reprise – Harshdeep kaur, Vikas Ambhore
Starts with beautiful guitar… and slowly takes us along with it on an amazing journey. I bet you will listen to this song on repeat many times just like I am doing the same! Harshdeep has been outstanding as always and the male part of the song is small, but exactly that keeps ringing in our ears even if we stop listening to it. The tune of the song is fantastic, and it hardly consists of any other instruments than simple keyboard and acoustic guitar and a little bass here and there. Magical! Listen to the lyrics carefully… they hide great meaning behind them.

Zhalkiyaan – Javed Ali, Kshitij Taarey
Again, sung by two very talented singers, this song is very unusual one, and it feels so when you listen to it after first listening to reprise version. As compared to reprise version, it has more instrumentation, rhythm, use of sitar in between, takes me to Kashmir. Javed and Kshitij have sung this by totally allowing themselves to sing any harkats they want, congrats to Adwait for that. Starts very peacefully, the later part of the song sounds a bit serious…and then again at the end it returns to its original mood. Lovvveeed it!

Sawalon Ki Godh Mein – Najim Arshad
On the similar lines to Jhalkiyaan, this song too is a peaceful one… with a lot of Sarangi. The lyrics are very important. Little bit on the sadder note, this one surely leaves an impression on your mind. Singer Najim Arshad does very well job maintaining the mood of the song throughout. Listening to it on repeat just for understanding the lyrics and the meaning…

Yeh Raat Mona Lisa – Usha Uthup
Jazz. Mysterious. Free style. Prefect for Usha Uthup. Lot of keyboard and saxophone. Jazz lovers may like it, personally, not on my playlist. But loved the way Usha has sung this one! Again, all the songs are lyrics oriented, and so is this one!

Aayatein – Najim Arshad
Lasting for just 54 seconds, this track is more of BGM. Consists of harkats by Najim with only keyboard to accompany… will have to wait for the movie to release to see where it has been used… melancholic kinda.

Bajao Zor Se Taali – Sukhwinder Singh
Didn’t like this song much… Tune is not that great, instrumentation is okay, but I am happy for I am listening to some seriously different kind of music here… especially with so good lyrics…!

Bajao Zor Se Taali (2nd version) – Sukhwinder Singh
A little but different from the first version, with more of chorus and pace, but takes a different twist in the middle, with Jhalkiyaan tune. But still, not that good as compared to best ones from the album.

Overall, Kaafiron Ki Namaaz is a completely different experiment and quite successful too. Some tracks are really beautiful and will occupy some space in your playlists 🙂
I go with 3/5 stars for Kaafiron Ki Namaaz.

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