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Farida – Sufi in its very way!

Artist: Abhijeet Sawant

Composers: Harpreet Singh, Rajeev Bhalla, Nakkash, Amit Sawant

Where are those people who keep complaining about how we don’t get to listen to good independent albums, and only get to listen to bollywood songs? (Oops, I was also part of this group of people!) Although it is true that we don’t get to see individual artists getting much attention through albums as compared to 90’s and early 2000’s, there are some people who instead show the courage to produce quality albums and not run behind playback singing in Bollywood. Abhijeet Sawant.

I really appreciate the way Abhijit Sawant has lead his musical career. “Farida” is his third music album (after Aapka Abhijit Sawant (2005) , Junoon (2007)). Farida means “Exceptional/Unique”. Farida is Sufi album and it is inspired from the verses of Sufi Saint Baba Farid. Abhijit says it was long time before the production of this album, he had been reading and influenced by Baba Farid whose verses have also been included in the holy Guru Granth Sahib of Sikh religion.

Farida released a month back in April, and I really feel sad that it almost went unnoticed by common music listeners. Same is the story with Junoon. Though it was heard by many of my friends, it’s not enough! If you really consider the efforts behind these albums, in my opinion, they should have gained much much more popularity! I hope this does not happen with Farida, hence this post.

Farida Title Track
Its true you will fall in love with the music of this track, but more than that, for me, the words was THE thing that made me loose myself in this beautiful rendition! Baba Farid’s verses sound magical with the mix of instruments one could not have imagined that would fit in a sufi song! – Electric and acoustic together, with pacy keyboard notes that define the flow of the song. Although I didn’t understand each and every word, we all get the gist of the song right, right?

Abhijeet’s singing remains top class! This singer has much much more potential for sure!

Aao More Piya
Zitaar! Some instruments are so powerful in coloring our mind with a special feeling. That restlessness we feel in wait for our lover. Flute with zitaar with special bass pattern – the combination is killer for sure. Once again, Abhijeet proves his versatility! And he has taken special efforts for bringing out those Punjabi pronunciations. Exceptional track! Might remind you of someone.

Peppy one. Mendolin with typical Punjabi Dhol and Tabla. This is different one from the above two. It takes twists and turns in antaraas. I felt some more energy was needed while singing this track. Probably Abhijeet’s voice is little thin for such type of songs.

Dil Fakira
Jazzy one! I just love this experiment! Where else you would hear sufi songs made with different kind of music feels? We have seen some rock mixed, typical panjabi tadka too, and now Jazz. It kinda throws out all the fikr from the mind and makes it Befikr. Dil Fakira, Rooh banjaran! Loved the acoustic rhythm, a little saxophone in between and electric leads too!

Tabla and flute – always give a thairaav to a song. Sukoon with little melancholy. When these two feelings mix together… tracks like Baawari follow. Nice one! I loved the harmony with flute, and traditional harmonium coming into the picture in between.

Great track!

Kuchh Kar Maula
The poet asks god for the wellness of the whole world. Listen to “Is kadar Khata bhi kya hui” line, progression from major to minor and back to major. I always wonder how do they define the strings transition behind the tune. Remains a puzzle. Still.

Firaaq Me
Firaaq means separation. I loved the electronic element of the song. Specially the bass. Well sung. Violin could have been used more to add the intensity. Not too addictive though.

This album is definitely something I will remember Abhijeet Sawant for too long. Great going man!

I will go with 4/5 stars for this album. Kudos to the special efforts!

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