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Coke Studio Season 3 – Papon

The “Anagaraag Mahanta” aka Papon! I did not know exactly what to expect from this episode as I had not really known how Papon composes. Off course he sings too well, we have heard him inKyun from Barfi, and alsoJiyein Kyun from Dum Maro Dum. But I was not sure how would his coke studio episode go off… !

Papon hasn’t disappointed us and although all the songs are brilliant in arrangement, I got some songs to  take away from the episode; the songs which I will put into my playlist and will keep on listening to in future forever! I will  talk about these take away songs more, rather than putting opinion about all the songs.

The first song that touched my soul was Khumaar sung by Papon himself. Especially for the mood this song creates through mellifluous twists! The song has capacity to allay any disturbed mind, and pacify it. And yes, the lyrics. They are fabulous. The song is penned down by Vaibhav Modi. You can have a look at the complete lyrics here

The next most beautiful take way song from the episode is Benaam Khwayishein ! This is indeed a masterpiece ! Listen to this for Answeesha‘s voice. She has sung this so maturely! And just look at the use of instruments here… just perfect.. not too much, not too less. The mixture is perfect! And I must say, I am impressed by the lyrics! This song has amazing “thairaav”.

That’s it! I am not saying other songs are bad, but above two songs are a “MUST NOT MISS” ! Cheers!

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