Aashiqui 2 Music Review – Simply melodious!

Composers: Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari

Best Tracks: Tum hi ho, Sunn raha hai na, Meri Aashiqui, Aashiqui theme, Chahu mai ya na , Aasan nahi yahaan

Rating: 3/5

I got to listen to the audio of Aashiqui 2 trailer featuring “Tum hi ho” few days back and I just couldn’t resist myself from playing it in loop, although it was not the original full song (And should I mention I got it from a special person? J). When I saw the trailer, I was sure, this was going to be HUGE! What a superb melody from Mithoon! Writing review for Aashiqui 2 seemed to be the toughest task at the start, as I couldn’t move beyond first two tracks and ended up playing them in loop for 3 hours minimum! But as I went on listening next tracks, picture changed. You will get to know what I mean by this as you go on reading. Anyway, incredibly melodious album to listen to after many days! And why it shouldn’t be? After all, it’s Aashiqui!

Tum hi ho – Arijit Singh
Mithoon is just too good for this genre! Especially, in composing tracks filled with a lot of sukoon! There is no need to tell, this track is simply outstanding. What I loved about this track specifically is the focus is on the melody. Mithoon has kept this a totally silent and peaceful one, with just keyboard, drums and strings. It’s too difficult to take this track out of your head. No it’s not possible. Big thumbs up to Arijit. He is on roll man!

Sunn raha hai na – Ankit Tiwari
Excellent composition and very well sung by Ankit Tiwari himself. I just loved the start of the track with the long stretch of voice that quite well establishes the perfect mood of the song. Like Tum hi ho, this song too is based on a superb tune, and that remains the most important part of the track. That’s why, the orchestration of the song is very simple. All the intensity of the song comes from the voice of the singer. I loved Ankit’s singing; very powerful and pouring just the right amount of emotions. Electric guitar is pleasure to hear and bass guitar plays significant role. You may need to listen to this 3-4 times continuously to totally get addicted!

Chaahun mai ya na – Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal
Very sweetly sung by both Arijit and Shreya! Again, the rule follows. Pure melody with acoustic guitar, keyboard, strings, a little bit electric, mouth organ. If you don’t love the track too much, you will at least love the keyboard and guitar, and the innocence with which Shreya and Arijit has sung this one, especially the antaraa (listen to this line “mere chhote chhote khwaab hai, khwaabo me geet hai, geeto me jindagi hai, chahat hai preet hai, abhi main a dekhu khwab wo…………”). Too sweet? J

Hum mar jaayenge – Tulsi Kumar, Arijit Singh
Listening to this song takes me to beautiful farm in a small village. Typical dholak rhythm with flute, there is nothing to hate in this track. But probably, it’s not in the league of above 3 tracks. Tulsi Kumar sings majority of the track, and I feel sad to say that she can’t pull off the song too well. Shaan would have been a better choice instead of Arijit. Not on playlist.

Meri Aashiqui – Arijit Singh, Palak Muchhal
This is a variation of “Tum hi ho” with Arijit’s part unchanged, but mixed with a slightly different female part. Really good variation! Starts with Palak’s deep and dark voice which creates the atmosphere which perfectly keeps dissolving in Arijit’s voice throughout the song! God… what a classy tune… Tum hi ho………….

Piya aaye na – KK, Tulsi Kumar
Not worth listening. Tulsi Kumar sounds totally out of sur. This does not suit this album.

Bhula Dena – Mustafa Zahid
This track too is not that great. Jeet Ganguly’s music is clearly becoming a stereotype. Start of the track sounds very similar to Piya aaye na. Sung well by Mustafa, ultimately this is not on playlist.

Aasan nahi yahaan – Arijit Singh
Rich keyboard with simple tune. This song sounds simple but is a difficult one to sing! If you’re Arijit fan, than probably you will be able to listen to this again and again. Can’t predict for the test. I liked this one.

Sunn raha hai (Female) – Shreya Ghoshal

Ohh god, what a mess of a really awesome track! This is worst version one can make of Sunn raha hai Male track. This one has totally different mood than the original, little bit on the sadder side, with slower pace. They have lost it.

 Milne hai muzhse aayi – Arijit Singh
This is overdose of same genre. After adding so many tracks into album, each one of the same type, eventually the listeners tend to forget difference between these tracks unless it’s exceptionally brilliant and different like tum hi ho, sunn raha hai… disappointed.

Aashiqui theme – Mithoon
Lovely keyboard pieces of Tum hi ho… THE Aashiqui theme! Mithoon rocks!

Overall, Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari impresses with their lovely melodies blended with just the right orchestration, but Jeet Ganguly disappoints with the stereotypic compositions. Arijit as a singer, stands out as exceptional and different in very good way! I give 3/5 stars to this musical.

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