Track – Jessie’s Land – VTV

I wasn’t quite sure which song should I choose to kick start this thing off…well, one thing I was always sure about. It has to be Rahman’s track!

Me and my friend Vishal have always lived to one clear psychology…spreading knowledge about music is our responsibility and similarly, everyone else’s is! Whatever may be the genre, whichever may be the language, absolutely doesn’t matter, as long as the sole purpose of the existence of music in this world remains the same… expressing emotions.

So clearly, the thing is, we think that all the people who share the same crave for music, and deserve to know much more about it, must be able to connect to each other and widen their area of interest. Even you will agree, there is much more in this world which is unknown to us than we know about. Let’s try to change this fact, by at least a small margin.:)

Track – Jessie’s Land – VTV
Very beautiful. Self expressive. This is one of those tracks, which I prefer to listen to, when I want to find that inner me, when I want to feel the perfect peace, when I feel low, when I am alone… well, the list won’t end.


This is originally from the movie “Vinnaithandi Varuvaya” (Tamil) and also in its Hindi remake “Ek Deewana Tha”. I personally feel that Vinnaithandi Varuvaya is Rahman’s greatest musical achievement till date. No match. The songs are just heavenly. If you haven’t heard the tracks in this movie, then please do yourself the favour. It will feel like the most amazing gift to you by yourself!

Pre-requisites for listening to this particular track – You must listen to the tracks hosanna and mannipaaya from the same movie. I will not go into details of these two tracks, just go for them.
The track “Jessie’s Land” proves the fact that words are not necessary for expressing the feelings. It’s just the instruments and soft humming of the singer. That’s it! But the way it takes me into a different world each time I listen to it…is simply unreal.

What impresses me, is the simple RPG (Rhythm Pattern Gators) Rahman has used. In simple words, RPG is something here which you will hear right at the start of the song, and will play in loop continuously in the background till the end. The notes of the pattern change according the chord.

Another brilliant thing is the voice of the singer is so deep, without any vibrations, it feels like it’s telling us a story, and we are quietly listening to it.

Few things you shouldn’t miss in this track –
1) The flow of the RPG pattern and its beautiful harmony with the keyboard notes. The keyboard goes up the notes slowly at the start of the song until it encounters the beautiful female voice.
2) Strings playing in the background from middle of the song to the end.
3) Try to figure out when the tune of the song is switching from hosanna to mannipaya, and again back to hosanna!

Finally, full marks to Rahman for selecting that rich keyboard tone. That tonal quality reminds me of the song “Sunari sakhi” from “Humse Hai Muqabla”. Another masterpiece by the God of Music.

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