Ellen Allien – Sun the Rain Song Review

Sun the Rain reminds me of Bjork, Sigur Ros, and Jose Padilla’s Helios. They take you to a special place, where there is no time, another dimension that no popular music can make you feel or experience. This is one of the reasons chill out music has its own cult following until now. Chill out, lounge, eclectic, whatever you want to call it, this genre of music has its own unique charm. It can be used as foreground or as background music. It is also open to interpretation; it can mean one thing to a person and something else to another. This is art in its purest form; where hitting the number one spot on the charts is not the main goal. It’s simply for artistic expression.

Ellen Allien must have had this in mind because the song’s lyrics cannot be found anywhere on the internet. One can discern some phrases, like..walking down the streets… life feels so easy… you take my hand… but getting all the words right can prove difficult. That’s the whole point anyway: you’re supposed to listen to the song and enjoy it, not to attempt to find the words and understand exactly what the song is trying to talk about.

There’s also some magic to this song; it gets better and better the more you listen to it. Bubblegum pop catches you from the beginning of the song. You keep listening to it till you get sick of the song eventually. This song doesn’t do that. Even the title has a mystery to it, and there is no sense in deciphering the meaning.

Even its music video is unique and interesting. The sun takes center stage. Pardon the pun but it really is the star of this video. You don’t really see the faces of the people on the screen and you get the impression that it’s really not about the cast, it is all about the sun, the water, the rain… nature in general; which is a good thing because the way the director treated it is for the viewer to focus on the music and not what is on the screen. This is indeed a refreshing song, overall.

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