Music of the Spheres Album by Coldplay

For decades, Coldplay has been a staple, a part of pop music that will never be forgotten. “Yellow” for instance is a welcoming embrace to their hopeless romantic tone that feels surreal at the same time. Although while listening to Coldplay, you never ought to feel alone, that’s what they’re always good about. Throughout the years, they have shifted slightly to genres and also worked with different collaborators. Projects after projects, Coldplay retained their quality and was able to hold a solid following and community. Their latest release, “Music of the Spheres” is a 12 track album that features Selena Gomez, We Are King, Jacob Collier, and BTS on some of their songs.

Music of the Spheres” has a strong concept. It’s a space-themed album that takes place in a made-up planetary system to which each element of it is named after each track. Chris Martin said that the inspiration for the album comes from the Star Wars franchise which explains a lot about the space thing going on.

The intro “” or called “Music of the Spheres” is short but hypnotizing in its way. It’s pulsating with so much energy and it feels like being transported into another realm of possibilities. “Higher Power” retains Coldplay’s place in the pop spectrum. It has its jive, it’s funky, and it is something that you can dance on to in different moods. It also features some retro instruments and distinct sounds which is a very nice treat for their fans that are into this genre.

The message of “Humankind” is very straightforward. It’s a reminder that humans are sometimes kind to others as well. Albeit very simple, the production carried everything, including the chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. “*✧” or “Alien Choir” is less than a minute but they were able to turn it into something that can hold on its own as a great ambient track. It’s also worth mentioning that BTS shared some of its talents to make this track possible.

Let Somebody Go” is a conversational and emotional track that features pop royalty, Selena Gomez. It’s fun to see Coldplay do something that they usually do, even if it’s only a little. Selena’s stellar performance in this track was able to compliment Chris Martin’s overpowering vocals. Together with We are KING and Jacob Collier, they can create an ode to how fragile humans can be, especially our feelings. It’s solemn and full of repetition but those qualities made it stand out from the rest of the tracks.

Another collaboration with South Korea’s superband, BTS, is “My Universe.” As expected it is a pop track that has to be catchy. Production-wise, “My Universe” is perhaps the best in this album, excluding the instrumentals. They were able to utilize the talent of BTS not only as a group but also as each member’s talents. “My Universe” is made to be played on radio and so far, it looks like it’s doing great.

As a closing treat, Coldplay rewards its listeners with a ten-minute track called “Coloratura.” It certainly is packed, and we tell you that the runtime is justified. It bombards you with changes and all of those should be welcomed. This track truly encapsulates what the band is trying to say by making the album. It’s a rollercoaster ride, an ensemble of emotion that would take you from nowhere to another place where nowhere loses its meaning. It’s oddness at its finest.

Coldplay’s “Music of Spheres” can be seen as ambitious, but it can only be called something like that if the delivery is underwhelming. While it’s not a perfect album and not the best that Coldplay has ever released, “Music of Spheres” is a work of art that invokes emotions and perhaps even inspires other people who listen to it.

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