Stuck With U: A Ballad for a Cause

Although a little bit late, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber successfully pulled off a ballad for a cause. The song itself dips down to several areas of pop, but its enriching tone and both Bieber’s and Ariana’s voices are strong enough to keep on the other side.

It goes without saying that “Stuck With U” is inspired by the ongoing COVID-19 global crisis. The lyrics alone make it distinct, as well as the accompanying music video for the single.

It’s a perfect track to play for slow dances, or perhaps on other romantic scenarios, we’re confident that it would work well. It doesn’t tell that much of a story, but instead delivers a message about relationships, on how people should stick with one another despite having a wrong time.

The collaboration itself wasn’t shocking at all, but it still leaves a room for surprise that the duo can work with. Even if the instrumentation is tad bit familiar, Grande and Bieber were able to inject something new, their trademarks, which made the song unique.

The guitar instrument is one of the main driving element of the whole record. It keeps the voice of both artists afloat, which still making it sound unique.

Aside from being a good record, “Stuck With U” is also used as an instrument to raise funds that will be donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. The idea is to empower the children of workers in the frontline of the nation’s fight for COVID-19.

All the proceeds that the record will generate will directly go to the beneficiaries. A donation drive was also held on the YouTube video of their release, which encourages viewers to donate to the institution as well.

The music video tied with “Stuck With U” is more than timely while giving us a reflection about our lives in the pandemic. It’s an exquisite completion of different people’s lives, giving us a peek at what they’re up to and coping with the global pandemic crisis.

The snippets and clips that appeared on the video are mostly from fans of Bieber or Grande. The duo was also seen on the music video, documenting how they spend some of their time on the video as well.

Hailey accompanies Bieber, and Grande has her beloved dog, Toulouse, by her side.

“Stuck With U” can be a powerful piece at some point. The collaboration between Bieber and Grande alone is more than enough for the song to gain enough popularity. But since it isn’t a release to make a profit out of both singers’ talents, the duo was able to come up with a short yet living piece of music.

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