Sound Trippin Season 2

MTV India is coming back with the terrific show Sound Trippin with Season 2.
The first season of musical show Sound Trippin created ripples across the country for its fresh take on music coupled with the sounds of unexplored India. After bagging 25 million views on-air, over one million YouTube hits and selling over thousand copies in a month, Sound Trippin broke all the conventional barriers to be known as the most unique music show on television ever. This July, the avant-garde music director, Sneha Khanwalkar, is back with Sound Trippin’ season two as she continues with her pursuit of authentic sounds, from July 14, 2013, Every Sunday 20:00 IST.
Elated to commence her journey, Sneha Khanwalkar, the contemporary music director and host, explains,
This season of Sound Trippin will take the audience on a completely different musical journey. It is different from the first season, yet keeping intact the essence of the show. With season two, we go to multiple locations, discover multiple sounds to match one particular theme. I am super kicked about this season’s concept as the search for music sees no boundaries. These themes are something we encounter on an everyday basis. Creating music out of the usual sounds one hears every single minute is a challenge as well as learning for me.
The debut season of Sound Trippin in 2012 received rave reviews for its uniqueness and content. Tung-Tung and Yere-Yere became mega hits, enjoying extensive mobile downloads with multiple requests across radio stations.
With season two, Sound Trippin aims to bring back the magic as it creates melodies with the most unexpected instruments. Come, be a part of this melodious search of music and experience its creation from the very sounds you are surrounded by.
I hope, this second season will bang on to the listeners this time. 🙂 Watch out for promo…

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