Man of Steel OST : Possibly One of the Few Things ‘Super’ about the Movie

Man of Steel earned over $200 million during its first week worldwide; the movie itself did not impress a lot as it was supposed to. Of course, there are some people who will argue to death that this is one of the greatest films of all time but the fact is, it’s really not.

So let’s move to one of the few things that are good in the Man of Steel. Besides Henry Cavill (I will never get tired of this guy), the other thing lauded in this movie is the soundtrack.

As they asked Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer to do the score so I thought about giving it a chance.

It was very surprising for me that the original ‘Superman March’  is not heard at all in this film. And no, it’s not included in the album either. But, that just shows how confident Hans Zimmer is with what he made. After listening to every single track, I understood why – it was great.

Here are some of my favorites:

‘Goodbye My Son’ always gets me. This is used when Krypton is about to be destroyed, featuring the slow hum of a mother’s lullaby. Even if you’re not watching the movie, you can feel the aching of a mother who needs to let go of her beloved son to save his life. And there goes the tears again…

‘General Zod’ is about the villain in the story. While most of it gives a dark, malevolent feel, it does feature softer, mellower strains, too.

‘What are you Going to Do when You’re Not Saving the World?’ is so easy to like, it has become my favorite immediately. It starts slow and tranquil highlighting just the piano, builds up beautifully then peaks at just the right time. This is recognizable because they used this in the trailer.

You may not like how the movie was made and all, but listening to this soundtrack will already tell you a very good story.

As I am big fan of scores, Thank you Mr. Zimmer.

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