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September 22, 2013
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Krrish 3 Music Review

Music Composer: Rajesh Roshan

In many days, I haven’t so so bad music in a bollywood film. Last films with such music…. I really don’t remember… Might be some of the ignored films of 90s.

Usually films start their promotion with their finest of the songs, and when first promo of Krrish 3 appeared on Internet with Raghupati Raghav song, I thought if this song has failed to impress anyone, how bad can the other songs be? Raghupati Raghav clearly isn’t the worst track of this discography… there is more bad to come! 😀

Krrish Krrish” is like a background track with some lyrics. The way the female singer is shouting out krrish krrish, I feel like running away somewhere and hide. No no, I can’t take this in.

Dil tu hi bata sounds like a comedy song. Here are the starting lyrics… दिल तू ही बता, कहाँ था छुपा, क्यूँ आज सुनी तेरी धड़कन पहली बार … LOL
Before listening to the song, When I looked at who’s singing the song… it was Zubeen Garg. So I expected at least this track to be good one. But no… the bad form of the discography continues… Let’s see what we get next.

You’re my love” can be labelled as a perfect Govinda and Sanjay Datt song. It sounds like that ande ka funda song.. not the tune.. but the type of composition. My patience is gonna die soon. The search for a good song continues…

And there it is ! The award for the worst song of the album goes to … God Allah Bhagwan. No wait.. I really can’t decide.. there’s tie between all the five tracks! Ohh gosh… What do we do now? Let’s divide this award between all these songs…

Personally, I have wasted my valuable time listening to the songs of Krrish 3. And I feel you shouldn’t. Now you have read this review, thank me later. 🙂 I give this discography 0/5 stars. Actually 0 is also much greater than what I want to give.



  1. Prince says:

    Asshole has not heard the music of grand masti and chhenai express i guess

  2. Gaurav Aradhye says:

    Hahaha… Thanks for compliment. It’s really fun when people try to like the music only because their favourite star stars in it… !

    Off course I heard Grand Masti and Chennai Express. Chennai Express was not at all bad and Grand masti was not better than Krrish 3 Music I can say for sure!

    Price, get out of Hrithik Mania. I am reviewing Rajesh Roshan’s music here.. not Hrithik’s ! 😀

    • ghost hunter says:

      oh man ..to be listening to songs like these in 2013 is a high time disappointment..what were these people doing all these while ? were they deaf to some of the most beautiful tracks that hindi cinemas have made in the past decade?!? such a shame that this happens to be the sound track of one of the most anticipated films of this year. I just hope that the movie delivers what is expected else the entire show would be a mockery of everything Bollywood stands for.

      • Gaurav Aradhye says:

        Exactly! Why are they not insisting for good music? Only because it’s composed by Rajesh Roshan? Somebody should have discarded this music and asked for new compositions!


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