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Jhini Re Jhini ….. Yaad Chunariya…..

Few years back, Standing at the roadside in the mountains, I was wondering what she might had thought. The absence of moon filled the mountains with gloom, and my mind too.  The only sound I could hear was of the cold water gushing through the rocks. The sound of that water went tearing my heart apart, while it was busy weaving something out of the memories.

While I remembered the last time I kissed her, my lips could still feel the tactile pleasure, and my heart could still bask in her love. We both grew up in these mountains, and fell in love along this river-side. That rock there, was then asking me, where is she? I had no answer. Right then I could hear her calling out my name, as quietly as possible.

She said, “We have to stop meeting now… that’s the only way I can see”. I looked in her eyes, took her hand in my hand, and asked, “Really? You don’t want to be with me?”. She said, “No, you don’t understand (I want you, but our destiny doesn’t allow us to be together)”. I smirked, “No way out? Let’s run away from this world everyone pretends to be blind.”

She looked away and said “Nothing is under my control, Probably we were not destined to be together” and left sobbing. I said, “Destiny is what you really want. I can make anything possible if you just believe in me and you, not in destiny.” She couldn’t hear this, by that time she had gone too far away, but the rock did.

Even after so many years, I still go to this place. Everything has changed, except this river, that rock, and these mountains. She has moved to some other place. I don’t know if she is happy or not. But I just pray for her happiness. I haven’t fallen in love again.

Whenever I come here, I just sit, put my headphones in, and play this song. Somewhere in other part of the world, I just wish she has forgotten me.

The Saarangi in the song wrings the heart and takes the pain out. But the pain is never ending. I still love her.

About the song:
Sung by – the amazing amazing classical singer Ustad Rashid Khan and Pratibha Bhagel.
Written by – Mayur Puri,
music by – Sachin – Jigar.
From movie – Issaq.
Just pay heed to what clarity Rashid Khan sahab has in his singing. Absolute pleasure to hear his voice! Great singing by Pratibha too.

The song touches the heart and makes it more fragile. Sometimes, fragility is what our heart yearns for!

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