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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Random Access Memories is the fourth studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk,  “Thomas Bangalter”, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo”It was released by the duo’s imprint Daft Life, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, on May 17, 2013.

Give Life To Back Music

First Impression is Last Impression. The first track “Give Life To Back Music” impacts with blast of stream, with the retro dance beat. the repetitive lines lets you sing along again-and-again.

Let the music in tonight

Just turn on the music

Let the music of your life

Give life back to music

The Game of Love

The slow trance music, of urge to stay in love, the desperation of not leaving the one you love, is expressed throughout the song.


The longest in the album lets to discover in two different modes. First half with Giorgio’s lil speech about what he ever wanted from the world of music. The other half gives awesome feeling you ever felt. The electro trance gets to energized. Dare to miss this one.


Starting with the synthesizer, the verse get started. Since the album is about memory, longing to remember someone or feeling akin to people you can’t remember is a theme.

The perfect song is written with silence

It speaks of places never seen

– from Beyond track

Instant Crush featuring Julian Casablancas

The feeling of love, is the awesomest feeling in the world. Love at first sight is a rare occurrence, and thus one of life-long significance. It’s unclear whether the friend is who he went to for comfort and solace, or if he chained himself to this girl to begin with, in hopes of it blossoming into something more. Instant Crush lets discover the essense of having crush, love and lots of indescribable feelings.

“Cause I don’t know what else I can do…”

Lose Yourself to Dance featuring Pharrell Williams

The short lyrics, the perfect for alone dance. The Chorus words Lose Yourself to Dance, with the COME ON repeating lets you groove your feet on the music. So don’s lose time, start the music,  with full-volume and get on dance floor.

Touch  featuring Paul Williams

Touch, the sense of touch is a very intimate one among humans, almost too intimate, to the point that it causes distress. The unusual delusional sounds coming from old-geek gadgets and suddenly the word “touch strikes to the ear. But then again your perception towards the song changes when Paul Williams takes on the mic. The feel drastically changes from delusions to exciting. I bet, your mood will change too, will feel like you are comfortable in your dreams. Talking about touch, the reference to ultimate kind of touch is Kiss, the part of intimacy. Here it goes.

Get Lucky

Another funk dance number let the feet get tapping on the floor throughout the song. Here, Get Lucky refers to the meeting someone for the first time and seeing how the two click together. This is about that feeling of meeting someone new, the excitement of anything is possible, the excitement of new relationship. Nothing to say more, just sing along “We’re up all night for good fun” again and again and again.

Beyond featuring Pharrell Williams

First 2 minutes feels like listening to the opera music lets you feel like you are going in the infinite space journey, then starting with lyrics, going through those 1990’s kinda of accent with electro effect. Although more than your place, this could actually mean song. The idea of music is very metaphysical. This song could stand for the harmony with which you should live. and finally the song feds with loop of music piece.


This is only whole instrumental track in the album. Throughout the track, you’ll feel like you are on the journey in the never-ending black-hole. As soon as you close your eyes, you’ll see the delusions of past random memories flashing in front of your eyes.

Fragments of Time featuring Todd Edwards

One of retro track which closely relates to the title of the album i.e. Random Access Memories. The overall meaning is, to stay in this point in life, just making memories and living happily. In life, we’ve to relive the memories, and keep ‘replaying’ them, wanting to relive them again and again. Simply, Make your memories a song, keep repeat on, and SHINE ON ‘EM! That’s Life!

Doin’ It Right featuring Panda Bear

Don’t ask me anything, just shake your heads and groove with music

Doin’ it right

Everybody will be dancing

And we’re feeling it right

Everybody will be dancing

And be doin’ it right

Everybody will be dancing

When we’re feeling all right

Everybody will be dancing tonight


The last track in this album, starting with the radio message sent from Apollo 17 mission to the moon, NASA allowed Daft Punk to access their recorded transmissions to be included in this track. The music is awesome because it let you feel like you are also on the Apollo mission. The track ends with the sound of high speed space shuttle. Get ready with your space-suite too before listening this track. 😉

So, that’s all folks. Cherish your randomly accessed memories.

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