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Coke Studio Season 3 – Amit Trivedi

And finally one of the most awaited episodes of the coke studio is here. The highlight of Amit Trivedi‘s episode is the diversity and versatility of the songs, the twists and turns in the songs, many times totally unexpected… quite enthralling this!

The first song “Rabba” expresses feelings of a lover boy who never wants his girl to be away from him. He finds his whole world in her. Very meaningful yet made a punjabi hip hip touched funky kinda song this is. The highlight of the song is a different kinda instrument, which you might never have seen before.. it looks like double basuri… called Algoze played by Sukhjinder Singh. Read more about Algoze here. Absolutely loved the funk element of the song and the Rap by Jaggi. No doubt Tochi has sung this well! Get to the grove and enjoy!

The next track “Sheher” talks about what a person feels in a big city with many dreams in his/her mind. The city feels like a big bhul-bhulaiyya. He doesn’t want to display his fears and put an artificial smile on the face always, even if he encounters something intimidating. Loved the dark element of the song and the use of mandolin. But it didn’t impress me much. You can listen to the song here

The song “Khari Khari” talks about the pain in love, the betrayal factor. Where one person is loyal and other person is betraying. So the victim of the betrayal is depicting the pain one is experiencing. He says “अब इश्क ने मुझे खरी खरी सुना दी है| “. Excellent use of Esraj! Esraj is played by Arshad Khan. The minor progressions which make the song sound like black clouds are denigrating the sky, are really captivating. There is दर्द in the song. The guitar in the end gives the track an unexpected turn!

Next track “Naariyaan” talks about woman telling to men that they should stop seeing her from a typical point of view as a sister , mother, and so on… the woman is telling to just accept her as she is without tagging her with anything. Although the song appears to be serious if you read the lyrics, but it’s made a fun song which every girl wants to sing out loud! The thing to listen to is “Karthik“. What a superb voice he has with amazing bass! And whoa! He whistles so well! Loved the trumpet too! Listen listen… one of the favorites from the episode…

And the final song “Kyun na” tells us to look at the world from a positive point of view. If our point if view is debauched, then world will appear maligned. So first rectify your view, and world will be a better place! The song contains a lot of jamming in the end, with the percussionists making rhythm with their mouth. The short spikes of the chorus, amazing trio of Amit Trivedi, Karthik, and Dhruv Sangari just rock! And off course the jamming in the end and the entry of Chandana Bala adds a new life into the track! Chandana Bala sounds too impressive, and her jamming with the violin is fun to listen to! This is brilliant track!

To summarize, Amit Trivedi wins the hearts of music lovers by giving justice to the lyrics and mood of each and every track! And he adds so much of variety into the music! Outstanding episode!

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