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Blank Page By Album Leaf

Are you a lyrics oriented listener? Or music oriented one? This is the basic question I always ask to my friends and no doubt if they get back at me with “What do you mean?”

Well I am music oriented. For me, music comes first before lyrics as music is whole and soul last thing in universe to express anything. Well, every composer tries to cope with the theme of lyrics, but sometimes it is not enough. As an example, most composers think minor progressions go with sad lyrics very well, off course with exceptions like A R  Rahman, SEL , Amit Trivedi etc.

Some of you may disagree with me, but let’s not argue over this on my first post! 😀

Special thanks to my friend Gaurav who always encouraged me to write.

Other morning my friend Ajinkya sent the link for this song “Blank page” over whatsapp , so I quickly downloaded the file to listen it as I knew he would never send any ordinary track as he knows my taste in music. We all have that one friend who never bothers to share anything with us, but when he/she shares something, it’s got to be special.

The track is from album “A Chorus of Storytellers”  by Album Leaf .

The track blank page is simple, yet progressive with base tune of electric piano with noisy texture of beats mixed with intense violins, synths and fine arpeggio pattern of electrical guitar! I am sure while listening to this one, as track progresses, you will start syncing with the groove of this track and the dreamy surround set up will make you fly in the eternal world of your hidden desires!

I wondered why the artist would name this track as ‘the blank page’! Actually it inspired me to lyric about this track. That’s the beauty of this track! While listening it seems to be void, but never looks empty…

As the track sounded extra-ordinary, I dig out the whole album. It has many more awesome tracks like within dreams’, ‘sand still’ ,’summer fog’, ‘until the last’, ‘almost there’ ,’tied knots …. Artist has explore many moods and textures of music.

The track I loved the most after ‘blank pages’ is ‘until the last’.

No wonder  Jimmy LaValle is known for his use of electronics, synthesizer and Rhodes piano.

Listen to this track NOW!

Rating – 4/5.

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