Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Music Review

Finally after screaming for almost last one year,Where are SEL ?????, I am getting the answer… Bhaag Milkha Bhaag! Although I was impatiently waiting for the music to be out, I was specifically curious about the track “Siddharth Mahadevan” has sung. I heard Shankar mentioning in an interview about him giving chance to his son in this film for one or two tracks… and my first reaction was like … “Why? Because he is your son?”. And now I know how wrong I was! The first track I heard from this album was the one Siddharth has sung … “Bhaag Mikha Bhaag (Rock Version)“.

I was literally stunned by listening to this particular track. First of all, awesome work by the drummer Darshan Doshi. I am his fan since I heard him playing drums live few years back. The speedy tapping of snares in the start of the song (Just few seconds before the first line)…too difficult to play, but too easy for Darshan! Second thing, the power in Siddharth‘s voice… perfect! I could hear glimpses of Shankar in his voice :-). Third, range of his voice… how easily he sings “tu jaag …. ab tu jaag Milkha… tu hai aag… tu hai aag Milkha!” (listen to the roughness in the word “Aag“, bringing roughness into voice at this high pitch is not simple!). And finally, the bass pattern! Man, whenever I listen to the song, I imagine myself playing bass for this… it’s like dream for me! Unfortunately, I have not learned to play bass that good 🙁

Jinda – this is what they used for promotion and all of you have heard this one. SEL love to use electric guitar for their signature tracks for the film, we have seen this in Lakshya, Rock On, Don 2… Again sung by Siddharth, this track stands as the favourite background track… I loved it, but not the whole track. the main tune is good which keeps on repeating, but when you listen to the whole, it’s somewhat disappointing.

 Mera Yaar – Brilliant track! No one could have sung it like Javed Bashir did! The guitar tune with the chorus that fills the track throughout from start to end is absolutely lovable! And how can you ignore the lyrics? Hats off to Prasoon Joshi!

इश्क करू या करु इबादत? इक्को ही गल है!
अल्फू अल्लाह, अल्फू अल्लाह, अल्फू अल्लाह हु…
मै मंदर क्यूँ जावा? मेरा यार खुदा है! मै मस्जद क्यूँ जावा? मेरा यार खुदा है!

Now how delightful it sounds and how meaningful those lines are!

Maston Ka Zhund – Have you watched the video? Lovved it? You will enjoy sheer listening to this track too that much! Whatta that starting rhythm…all sounds by mouth! This track takes you to a fun ride and at the end you keep on wondering why did the ride end???

हवण करेंगे, हवण करेंगे, हवण करेंगे !!! (we will work harder!)

Loved Divya Kumar’s voice in this one too! (Remember Shubhaarambh from Kai Po che? That was Divya Kumar)

Pareeeeddddd Thammm !!!!!!!

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Sung by Arif Lohar. Actually this is the original track, but I am so addicted to the rock version, I don’t prefer listening to this one that much. But off course, great track! And sung too well by Arif!

Slow Motion Angreza is background kinda track, didn’t like it that much….

O Rangrez – Sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Javed Bashir, this one is really soothing track… Listen to lyrics people! Lyrics play very important role here … I just loved the use of Saarangi and Sitar…. Nice combination!

Gurbani – Just background strings and the captivating voice of Daler Mehendi. Devotional kinda track. But wait, why the background strings are reminding me of Lakshya? There is some connection…

Overall, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is superb album to listen to to! I won’t say great comeback by SEL, but yes, they lived to the expectations!

I give 3.5/5 stars to this discography.

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