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Why 20/20 Experience is Literally an Experience

There is no doubt that Justin Timberlake is one of the most talented singers and performers in the planet today. Who would have thought that this Disney and N’Sync alumnus would be a superstar?

I didn’t get a copy of his first two albums – Justified and Future Sex / Love Sounds. But, after hearing some of the songs in his third album 20/20 Experience, I bought the record immediately. Let’s move on to my favorites first, shall we?

One of the songs is called Mirrors. As it is with most R&B singles nowadays, it can be a bit hard figuring out the lyrics because the beat is just so hip, you snap your fingers and groove with it first. But, once you understand the heart-felt lyrics, you’ll know that this is an amazing love song that transcends time and age.

It would seem that Mr. Timberlake is eager to mix in other music genres with his music as well. Let the Groove Get In has a very Latin beat, you shouldn’t be surprised if this gets played in Rio Carnaval. It may even be a contender for the theme song of World Cup 2014 in Brazil – who knows?

Pusher Lover Girl reminds you of some Marvin Gaye song. The intro with the violin strains which transforms into that R&B beat is nice. And he does the best male falsetto, second only to EW&F.

My favorite is Suit and Tie which is reminiscent of the sounds of old school R&B and soul, which is Justin Timberlake’s niche, I think. Jay-Z’s part adds the hip-hop flavor well.

There are some music critics who aren’t quite happy with this album. It may be because of the record company putting so much hype before its release. But that’s the record label’s fault. Shrug. One of the things I didn’t really appreciate was the duration of the album. It was 70-minutes long. I also feel that the songs aren’t that cohesive which is quite important for me.

Nevertheless, a lot of people, including myself, will surely include a lot of these songs in their playlists. All these are just so groovy and entertaining; you’re really given an experience.

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