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Track – Rockstar – Nickelback

I am not sure if everyone is fan of this song or even rock music. This song, which is just somewhere in between Alternative rock and country rock, was first introduced to me by a looping music system at friend’s place. I brought it to my place and it did repeat for quite a long time and many days (ya, that’s how we do it).

The music itself is so grasping that it leaves you to listen to it again and again. Constant string and drum beating reminds me so much of the Dire Straits’ music.

The lyrics, OMG, what do I have to tell about it more. It is a wish to live a life of a Rockstar and Chad just sings that he wanna be a big Rockstar by doing certain things. Lyrics are just all about how to be a Rockstar, why to be a Rockstar and what to do after becoming a Rockstar.

Combined with the music and lyrics it has, I would say the song Rockstar could just have been a hilarious song if it was intended to be. Well, it’s not so; neither it is a satire in any way. It is just pure wish to be a famous and live a spoiled superstar’s life; which many many would be having for sure in their darkest dreams.

If not, they won’t mind to wish for it after listening to this song from Nickelback. Try and enjoy this song, because once you start with this, there is no stopping. I find it as capturing, gray shaded and yet in a way quite pleasing.

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