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Perfect – Monsoon – Song

I was on the way to my Hotel room after working for the whole day in the office. Luckily I had got window seat in the bus. It was indeed a very tiring day. Believe me, working in Goa and enjoying holidays in Goa are entirely two opposite things. And plus it was mid June… the atmosphere was too humid. But it was cloudy that day…

Only 5th day in Goa, and I had already started missing Pune… I put my headphones in. I was praying to the gods of rains… “It should rain now… at least just right enough to balance the rain within me, which had already started unknowingly with the song …..
Indian Rain – by Colonial Cousins”.

Why? Why does it happen? What’s so special about the rains that it always keeps the memories so fresh? Good, Bad, both. Well, it’s not its fault! How could the rain know that a memory is bad one or good one! But you must admit, you might not be able to remember what happened last summer, or last winter… but you will clearly remember the days during last rains… magic! Isn’t it?

Indian Rain – by Colonial Cousins
For some time, I just lost into the song… into the world of memories… into the world of possibilities…

As the notes of the pleasant guitar started playing, a sense of solace entered my soul. What a beautiful song man! These two guys, Hariharan and Leslie Lewis (Lezz) – colonial cousins as the world calls them – are the pioneers of the concept “Fusion Music” in India. Definitely, before colonial cousins started doing albums together, fusion music was present in India, can’t deny that fact (E.g. the song “Eena Meena Deeca” – a fusion of Indian Music with Western Jazz), but colonial cousins made us realize that this is what called fusion music, they took it to an altogether new level! And I must tell you if you’re unaware of this fact their first album came in 1996, named ‘Colonial Cousins‘ and this album broke all records including hitting platinum sales in India. The duo also won the MTV Asia Viewer’s Choice Award and then later on bagged the US Billboard Viewer’s Choice Award too, which I personally think, is an outstanding achievement!

Back to the song, Indian Rain. What all music you need when the tune is so good, and the Singers are so talented? A guitar Rhythm? Yeah, that’s enough I guess. All the lyrical part is sung by Lezz and yes, no issues, I love his voice and the tune of the song, but the crest of my heart’s joy lies in the in between “alaaps” Hariharan has introduced in the song Mind-blowing! And I am amazed at the ease with which Hariharan sings it dhim ta dhim ta derena dere dhim dhim ta derena dere Wow!

Everyone (even those who don’t love rains :P) has a set of Monsoon songs which he/she just loves. If I make a playlist of my favorite Monsoon songs, this song will definitely top it!

One more thing about the duo If you just google about how Hariharan and Leslie Lewis came together to form “Colonial Cousins“, you will agree, they were destined to be together to give us the ultimate fusion experience!

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