About us

Gaurav and Vishal, the two mAbout Ususic enthusiasts met first in the engineering college. Both unknown of each other’s interest in music at first, later realized they can do something in this field together… Gaurav was interested in Singing, and Vishal in keyboard and guitar. One day,Gaurav happened to send one of his recording to Vishal… and Vishal just loved it! They both decided to learn music in a proper way there onwards and take their hobby seriously to convert it into profession some day in future….
While they were in 3rd year of Engg, they formed a band and performed at various events – in their own college and also other local colleges.The musical progress of the band wouldn’t have been a success without the 3rd band member Swapnil Boralkar and the music Guru of the Duo – an aspiring music composer…Swapnil Digde ! – Vishal admits.
While the band was not known by its name (quite unsual, right? !), only by the team members. But, Vishal and Gaurav often called their band G ‘n’ C , which are the most favourite musical chords of both of them!
Along with performing in the band, both continued their individual progress in the musical life. Gaurav continued to sing sample tracks for various composers and Vishal continued in composing various musical tracks and making covers for many songs.
In the last year of Engineering, Gaurav released a solo track of his own first composition “Sandhyakal hoti Mast bhari” (Marathi track meant ‘Magical Evening’) which was written by his friend Ashutosh yajurvedi and programmed by Swapnil Digde. The track became an instant hit in the engineering colleges all over Maharashtra !
After graduation, there was some disconnection for both of them from their music… but how can one live away from first love? Well they are back with their own website, to spread good music… whatever Genre, whichever Laguage…. who cares???